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why us

"Appreciate it greatly - you deliver what you promised! Like your Video review, cool tune. *I'll have to think about which video to use on Google Play :)"

advanced targeting and optimization

AppGoVideo saved me a lot of time and added a level of professionalism that I couldn't match if I made the video myself.

advanced targeting and optimization

"The video review is correct. Yes I know how to put the videos on my google play page. I have noticed that I have increased my downloads."

advanced targeting and optimization

AppGoVideo worked with us on a tight schedule and provided valuable detailed feedback on the app itself. I highly recommend having them do your video!

advanced targeting and optimization

How it works

  • 1.Concept

    We ask you 3 simple questions that help us get to know what you need explaining. Everyone at AppGoVideo will get together to brainstorm magical ideas for your explainer video.

  • 3.Template

    This is a magic step. It includes designing video background and illustrating each frame of the video.

  • 5.Voice and Music

    Here the explainer video will really come together, we animate all the frames, record a polished voiceover and design sound that pulls everything together.

  • 2.Script

    We want to engage the viewer and reach the goals we've all set for the work. We pen down the idea and create the detailed script.

  • 4.Animation

    Animation times are different, it varies according to the style we use, but it usually takes about 1-2days.

  • 6.Publish

    A visual story is developed to help explain your message using colour, imagery and visual metaphor.

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Let's chat!